External Links

Where we are around the world

There are many Christadelphian groups around the world that would be delighted to meet you. Here's a handful of websites about them:

Open Your Bible

- Open Bible is a community-based Bible study center to learn more about the Bible. There are many Bible-related articles on various topics.

Seven Reasons to Believe the Bible

- An online book about seven reasons to beleive the Bible. There has never been a better time than now to prove that there is undeniable evidence that the Bible is God’s word.

The Brisbane Dawn Christadelphians

- About the Dawn Christadelphians in Brisbane, their church services and upcoming events.

Dawn Book Supply

- Purchase books on various topics, such as "The Fruit of the Spirit", helping you live a godly life.

Bible UK

- A site with great articles and information about the Bible.

The Gospel

- Find out about how the Bible; how it came to us and the remarkable consistency in its message.

Delph Radio

- Delph Radio broadcasts an uplifting blend of Christian music and words, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The broadcast includes hymns, as well as contemporary music, poetry and short articles from the "Absolute Bible Beginners" series.

The One Way

- Find out what the Bible really says about God, the world and your future.

Bramerton Dawn Christadelphians

- About the Dawn Christadelphians in Bramerton (Norfolk, UK), their history and upcoming talks and events.

Bexley Dawn Christadelphians

- About the Dawn Christadelphians in Bexley (near London, UK), their upcoming talks and information about the Bible Correspondence Course lessons. 

Milton Keynes Dawn Christadelphians

- About the Dawn Christadelphians in Milton Keynes (UK) including preaching events, monthly talks and special events - exhibitions, seminars etc.

Dawn Christadelphians Europe

- Information about the Dawn Christadelphians in multiple European languages.

Bible Maroc

- Preaching to the Arab-speaking world since 2008. The site includes audio content and makes an appeal to questioning Muslims to turn to a God of Love.

Dawn Christadelphians Online

- A Dawn Christadelphian Youtube channel with info-mercials and music.